Dean Portinga, Th.D., Ph.D.

Mission Statement

Spiritual-Insights provides a whole new understanding of the nature of God, the nature of energy, and a whole new realization of who we are.

My intent is to bridge the gap between science, religion and spirituality.  Each of these disciplines is seeking the answers to the same questions while coming from different perspectives.  My desire is to uncover the underlying thread that connects all three.

In my study of theology and comparative religions I put together two very important papers about the history of sacred writings and religions.  One is the chronological sequence of sacred writings, and the other is the chronological sequence of religions.  I think it is very helpful to understand when and how sacred writings were written and by whom, and also the origin of all the different religions, how and when they came about.  This knowledge allows us to look at these things from a more enlightened perspective.

In studying the works of Dr. George Lamsa, who translated the Bible from the original Aramaic writing, I discovered that many mistakes have been made through the many translation of the Bible.

Through my study of physics I found many connections between scientific discoveries and spiritual discoveries made by more enlightened people.

My desire now is to bring to light a whole new understanding of many of the things that we have been lead to believe in the past.  Could there be a deeper understanding of reality than what we have known about?

If you are open to exploring the possibility of a whole new understanding of what we have been seeking through science, religion and spirituality, you are in the right place.

Dean Portinga

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